Candles and Wine...together at last!

Posted on February 21 2014

We've hosted a lot of candle parties in our stores over the years, and wine is usually involved in some way.  People can bring wine into our Worthington store to enjoy in our private party room, and a visit to a nearby wine bar or restaurant to enjoy a bottle of wine is the most popular way to wait for your candles to set.  A whole lot of wine has been consumed in and around our candles over the years, so now it’s time we make it a little easier for you.

Starting in April, all three of our stores will have liquor licenses with the ability to serve beer and wine.  The details are still being worked out, but we are excited to be able to offer a glass of wine to people pouring a candle at the bar. The limited menu of drinks will be available only to those making a candle during the blending and pouring process. You will still have to head out to find a place to wait for your candles to set, but we think your scent blend and candle label will be more creative with a little sip of wine during the process.

We have no intentions of turning our stores into a bar scene, and we will work to make sure we create a family-friendly atmosphere at all times, as we do now.  We get asked all the time about being able to drink while making candles or having wine at our candle parties and are excited to be able to finally offer this to you.  You can see this in action in our candle party video.

We will be sharing updates about our progress with our new drink menu on Twitter and Facebook so please follow us to stay in-the-know about the exciting changes at The Candle Lab.  


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