Pouring Candles in your Driveway?

Posted on February 21 2014

This month marks our 7th anniversary of starting the company, and that longevity is due mostly to listening to our customers.  You know what you want from our candle company, and it’s our job to listen and figure out a way to make it happen.

One of the most frequent requests we get is to bring our candle pouring parties to locations outside the store - weddings, school fundraising festivals, craft shows, and even someone's home for a candle party in their kitchen.  We have experimented with this in the past with great success, and now we're ready to take this idea to the next level.  This spring, we plan to roll out a food-truck-style trailer that we can tow to a spot and set up the full Candle Lab make-your-own-candle experience.  

We've started the design of the truck and trailer and this photo is an initial rendering of what it might look like. On the weekends, we plan to take the trailer to regional arts festivals, community events, and any other place where large groups of people are gathered.  During the week, we will take the trailer to people's homes for kids' birthday parties and adult candle-and-wine parties.  This is going to open up a lot of new markets for us and bring the custom candle experience to a much wider audience.

We will have more announcements about this project over the next week or two as the design gets finalized and the final renderings are finished.  We hope to have the truck and trailer rolling by mid-April at the latest, so we will announce the pricing and reservation process very soon.  We can't wait to bring the truck to your house!

We will be sharing news about our progress with mobile store on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, so please follow us to stay updated about the exciting changes at The Candle Lab.

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