Spring at The Candle Lab

Posted on April 06 2015

If your winter weary bones are craving Spring, we’ve got some light at the end of that tunnel. If you close your eyes and ignore the snow and the cold nip of winter air, you can probably picture what’s coming in the months ahead. Can you hear the birdsong? Can you picture the squirrels chasing each other across the lawn? Can you see the pastel colors popping up in the store windows and on tiny little cherubic children gathering colored eggs in a basket? Can you imagine smiling through a rolled down window while a mama duck corrals her ducklings to safety? 

Maybe the best part of Spring, is that that warm air brings all the gorgeous scents of fresh new growth. You know that scent when the earth warms up? Or the way everything smells after a rain? The one that happens when the apple and cherry blossoms fill entire trees? That scent of dew in the morning? Fresh cut grass? Lilacs and hydrangea and lily of the valley? If only someone could bottle that…

Well guess what? You can have it right now! Spring has hit the shelves at The Candle Lab, and the rock star scents of the season are ready for you to take home as single scents, or mixed to your thawing heart’s delight right here in any one of our three Spring decorated stores. We have cherry blossom, cilantro, dogwood, earth, hyacinth, jade, pine needles, rain, guava, morning dew, lily of the valley, sunflower, sweet grass and sweet violet (to name a few of the many scents you could fawn over.)

We can’t clear the ice off your car, but we can sweep the cooped up feel of Winter right off your heart. Grab a friend or a sweetie and a get a jump on the season with candles so great you’ll forget the snowfall totals and go for a sandal-ready pedicure.

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