Your mother-in-law.  Your best friend. Your kid’s teacher.  Your favorite fitness instructor. The co-worker who you don’t know well but who’s name you drew for the Secret Santa exchange.  No matter who is on your holiday shopping list, the gift of custom fragrance is sure to please!  After all, who doesn't want their world to smell a little better?

We’ve outlined our favorite gift ideas below - take a look, then stop into your local store to cross off all the names on your list.  And if you don’t live near a store, you can still play Santa Claus and deliver the magic of fragrance through the chimneys (or doorsteps) of all of your loved ones by ordering on our website.  Happy Holidays!

The Gift of Custom Fragrance

There is a lot of talk these days about gifting experiences instead of things.  The great news is, with The Candle Lab, you don’t have to choose!  When you give the gift of custom fragrance, you’re giving the experience of crafting your own custom-scented product that can be enjoyed for hours to come.  Below are a few of our favorite ways to give the gift of custom fragrance:

Pour-your-own candle
Perfect for those who want to give the experience of pouring your own candle, but would like something a little bulkier than a gift card.  Simply choose an empty candle jar off our shelf, and we’ll package it up nicely so all you have to do is hand the bag to your lucky recipient. No need to worry about selecting the “perfect” jar - the jar can always be traded for a different one of same or lesser value.  Add a special gift box or a set of matches in a fancy glass jar for a complete gift!

Candle-pouring party
Why stop at just one when you can gift a whole candle-pouring party?  Just like with the pour-your-own candle gift, you’ll select some empty candle jars and we’ll package them up nicely so a group can experience pouring candles together.  We recommend adding a gift card so everyone can enjoy a cocktail while pouring candles (applicable for our Grandview store only), or even purchasing a gift card to a local restaurant to enjoy while the candles cool for a complete activity.  Now that is a gift we’d love to get!  

Gift card
Giving someone a gift card* to The Candle Lab gives them the opportunity to Experiment with Scent in whichever way they choose.  They can pour a candle, mix their own custom-scented brown sugar body scrub, or even craft a fragrance oil or reed diffuser. If you’re unsure what amount to gift, we recommend viewing our website here for options and pricing.  In general, $20-25 is enough for one person to pour a candle in a jar of their choosing. 

Please not that gift cards purchased online are delivered electronically via email.  If you wish to purchase a traditional plastic gift card, please visit your nearest store 

Personalized Gifts

Heading home for the holidays and want to give someone special in your life a gift that says you were really thinking of them?  Why not create a custom-scented product that you know they’ll love? It’s the adult version of the gifts you made Mom and Dad when you were a kid, complete with a hand-drawn label that shows just how much you love them.  

Pouring them a custom-scented candle is always a winner, but you don’t have to limit yourself to candles.  Try making a close friend or your sister a custom-scented body lotion or sugar scrub, or craft a reed diffuser for your father’s study.  Or take it a step further and create a special blended fragrance oil or set of wax tarts, coupled with an oil diffuser or tart warmer (sold in stores) for a complete gift to scent their space.

Grab-and-Go Gifts

In a hurry and want something that’s sure to please everyone from party hosts to teachers to your boss?  You can’t go wrong with a soy candle! Our 11 oz soy candles are available in 100+ fragrances right off the shelf, including ten limited-time holiday scents.  If you're unsure which scents to gift, our gift packs are curated with four smaller candles in complementary fragrances such as “Winter Bliss” or “Vacation”.  For those of you traveling this season, candles and gift packs fit great in suitcases tucked between clothes.

Everything in our stores is buy three, get the fourth free (mix and match!), so stock up and get a candle or two for everyone on your list!  Don’t live near a store? Order all of our 140+ fragrances as a candle, fragrance oil, reed diffuser and more on our website, and shipping is free over $40. 

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