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Posted on August 29 2012

5th Annual Mystery Box Sale
Saturday September 1st

The end of August means the end of our spring & summer candles and the arrival of the scents that make the fall our favorite time of year - Cranberry, Mulled Cider, Pumpkin Spice, Autumn Leaves and plenty more of your old favorites and new arrivals.  We need to make room for the new candles so you have a chance to save on your summer favorites.

We have 14 scents on sale for 40% off this week so stock up if you have any favorites on this list, as they won't be back until next March.  The candles on sale this week are Cilantro, Cherry Blossom, Dogwood, English Ivy, Ginger Lily, Green Apple, Jade, Strawberry Jam, Popcorn, Rhubarb, Soap Suds, Sunflower, Sweet Grass, and White Sage. 

We wrap up our clearance week with the 5th Annual Mystery Box sale.  As our long-time customers know, once a year in late summer we hold our one truly crazy sale of the year.  We take all the candles that have built up in our back room over the year and we clearance them out in one frantic day.  We put four candles in a box, and then throw in a gift card of a random amount from $2 to $10, and a gift box so you can give away one of the candles, and then we wrap it up tight.  You get all of that for just $26! 

The mystery box sale will happen this Saturday morning.  80 mystery boxes will be split between our four stores, and they WILL be sold out by early afternoon, so get there early.  Grandview, Powell and the Short North stores open at 11am and Worthington opens at 9am for the Farmer's Market.   

This is the cheapest you will ever get our candles.  You take the chance on ending up with one or two you might not love, but past mystery box buyers will tell you they are always happy with their mix.   These candles are a mix of several types:

1.  Out of season or discontinued fragrances that we gather throughout the year.

2.  Yellow candles - Some of our candles (especially the vanilla-based fragrances) turn yellow when exposed for a long time to sunlight or direct UV light.  We could add a chemical that stops this from happening, but we are going for as natural a candle as possible so we just pull them off the shelf when they turn too yellow to sell.  They still burn the same - they're just bright yellow in spots.

3.  We received a bad batch of jars earlier this year, and the threads weren't cast right.  When you tightened our black lids on the jars, the imperfection caused the lids to grind and left a black powder over the top of the candles.  Again - they burn great, they just have a little black dust on the top. 

If you can't make it on Saturday, you can call the stores and pre-order one with a credit card.  We will hold it for you and you can pick it up at your convenience next week.  Hope to see you on Saturday!

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