Goodbye to Grandview...for now

Posted on December 17 2015

After 8 great years on Grandview Avenue, it looks like we will taking a break from one of our favorite communities for a short while.  Studio 35, the awesome theater/bar combo from Clintonville, has acquired The Grandview Theater and will begin remodeling it right after Christmas.  Unfortunately, they also require our space to make room for the bar they want to build, so we have been asked to be out by the day after Christmas.

Our lease had reverted to month to month a while ago, which has allowed us to actively search for a new spot that's bigger than our current space.  Our Grandview store can't support the kind of group parties that are so popular in our other stores, so we were hoping to find a new home.  This came back to bite us, as Studio 35 stepped in and our time ran out before we could find a better home.  Eric and the rest of the Studio 35 team graciously delayed the remodeling work to allow us to stay through Christmas, and we're grateful for that.

There are no spaces open on Grandview Avenue at the moment, so we're actively searching for a new spot and hope to have something to announce soon.  Christmas Eve will be our last day open in our current store, which has been our home for the past five years since we lost our original Grandview store in a fire in January of 2009.  We will do our best to make this break as short as possible, and thank all of our Grandview customers for their loyalty and support over the years.

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