If it feels like retailers, present company included, are adorning their shelves with greenery and streaming “All I Want for Christmas is You” earlier than ever this year, you’re probably on to something. With Thanksgiving being the latest it can possibly be (November 28), the time between Thanksgiving and Christmas - aka the holiday shopping season - is as short as it can possibly be!  In fact, it’s a full six days shorter than last year. Pretty crazy, right?! 

So what does this mean for you? If you wait until after you’ve stuffed your belly with turkey and pie, the holiday season could feel even more rushed and stressful than usual.  But it doesn’t have to! We recommend jumping on the festive bandwagon a little early this year (the weather seems to have!). Here are just a few ways we can help: 

  • We make holiday parties and family gatherings easy!  Whether you’re planning for a corporate team of 50 or a family of 5, candle-pouring is the perfect activity.  Your guests will pour custom-scented candles, which can double as a gift, and you can even pre-select jar to ensure you keep within your budget.  While the candles cool (~90 minutes), we recommend taking the group to enjoy a meal.  If you want to really impress, you could even give each person $5 or $10 to purchase secret santa gifts in the neighborhood to exchange afterwards!  Learn more and book yours today.  

  • Looking to get ahead on your shopping?  The gift of custom fragrance is sure to please everyone on your list!  Perfect for those who want to give the experience of pouring your own candle, but would like something a little bulkier than a gift card.  Simply choose an empty candle jar off our shelf, and we’ll package it up nicely so all you have to do is hand the bag to your lucky recipient. No need to worry about selecting the “perfect” jar - the jar can always be traded for a different one of same or lesser value.  Add a special gift box or a set of matches in a fancy glass jar for a complete gift!
  • Starting at less than $4 each, there is no better option than custom-scented and branded candles for bulk holiday gifting.  Perfect for offices, volunteer appreciation, holiday galas - you name it.  Simply stop into the store of your choice to speak with a manager - the process is easy, quick, and fun!  

  • Hosting guests for the holidays? Don’t forget to scent your home!  Nothing makes a guest feel welcome quite like the smell of fresh baked cookies or a real Christmas tree - even if you have neither!  
November 12, 2019 — Bench Bookkeeping

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