Our Favorite Ways to Beat Cabin Fever

Posted on February 25 2019

Spring is full of contradictions.  The days are getting longer, but the sun seems to be on strike.  It’s not snowing, but instead, it’s 37 degrees and raining. The stores are full of bathing suits and sandals, but you winter coat is still your main fashion statement.  Who could blame you for feeling a little stir-crazy? If you’re lucky, you’re flying south in the near future to spend a week basking in 75 degree sun. But even if a getaway isn’t in the cards this spring, there are still ways you can feel as though you’ve been transported to a luxurious hotel on a remote island (minus the price tag!).    

Our favorite ways to beat cabin fever:  

  1. Visit your local indoor pool / aquatic center.  Swimming laps, splashing around in the lazy river or kid’s zone, or relaxing in the hot tub will make you feel like you’re at a hotel or spa, minus the need for sunscreen every hour!

  2. Think of your favorite spring or summer activity - relaxing at the beach, planting flowers, or cooking with fresh herbs.  Then scent your home with the same fresh, floral, and herby fragrances to instantly take you to that happy place.  Candles, room sprays, and reed diffusers are all wonderful ways to capture your favorite scenes and transform your space.  

  3. Put on your apron and cook up a summery meal - one that you would normally have in July!  Fire up the grill for burgers or make fish tacos with all the fixin’s.  Popsicles for dessert!

  4. And while you’re at it - stir up some summer cocktails!  Who says mojitos and margaritas are just for warm months?  Or buy a six-pack of your favorite summer beer.

  5. Grab your girlfriends or your children and get out of the house!  Pour a candle in a scent that reminds you of the warm, sunny days of spring and summer (Tomato Leaf and Basil!) - you can even create a brown sugar scrub to smell like spring!  While the candles are cooling, grab chips and guac with the ladies, or take the kids for ice cream.  Sounds fun to us!

  6. Visit a botanical garden.  Most cities have one, and the humidity and warmth mixed with the gorgeous flora and fauna will take you to a place far, far away.

  7. Attend an event or take a class that you might not normally!  We partner with local businesses to bring you unique collaborations including flower arranging, hand-lettering, welcome mat creations, mixology, watercoloring, and more!  Subscribe to our event calendar to be the first to know when new events are added in your area.

  8. Book yourself a massage or a pedicure.  Spa-like treatments aren’t just for fancy resorts!  In fact, with the money you’ll save at a regular salon you might as well treat yourself to both.  

  9. Be a tourist in your own city.  Grab a fun map of your city - many cities have "trails" that allow you to explore coffee shops, breweries, locally made shops, and more.  We recommend the Made in Cbus trail!  

  10. When all else fails...go shopping!  Even just looking at spring clothes can make you feel excited.  Allow yourself one spring-ish top or a new purse, and wear or use it right away.  Sometimes a change of dress is all you need!

We'd love to know - what are your favorite ways to channel spring?  Leave us a comment and let us know! 

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