Introducing: Fragrance of the Month!

What makes The Candle Lab different than your average candle company?  Our candles, of course!  But we're not talking about just any old candle.  Our candles are hand-poured in store using natural soy wax, pure fragrance oils, and cotton paper wicks.  They are long-lasting, true-to-scent, and clean burning.  And while those qualities make them pretty special, there's still something else that makes them really stand out: custom scent!   

We believe that when you pour your own custom-scented candle, it’s even better than any candle you can purchase off our shelves.  Yes, we have over 140 carefully curated fragrances in our collection, all of which are great on their own. But where the magic really happens is when you blend 2-3 of those fragrances together in a way that speaks to your unique nose!

To help illustrate this concept, we’re launching a fun new display in our stores called Fragrance of the Month.  Each month we’ll be featuring a fragrance from our collection along with three custom-scent blends that incorporate that fragrance. These blends are developed by our in-store team of Scent Stylists, and each tells a personal story. Just as eating a particular dish can remind you of your childhood dinner table, so can smelling a particular scent!  

Take our March Fragrance of the Month, Earl Grey Tea, for example.  Many of our Scent Stylists love to blend Earl Grey Tea with Lavender and Vanilla (or Lavender Fields and Sugar Cookie, etc.), as it reminds them of their favorite indulgence from across the pond, a London Fog.  We won’t spoil the rest of the featured blends - you’ll have to visit your local store to smell the rest and get inspired yourself! Then create your own custom-scented candle (or other product) capturing your favorite scented memories.  

Stay tuned for April’s Fragrance of the Month, launching April 5!

March 01, 2019 — Bench Bookkeeping

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