It might sound crazy, but October is the perfect time to start planning your Holiday parties!  We know you are probably thinking more about Halloween costumes than ugly Christmas sweaters, but hear us out.  Everyone knows that the time between Thanksgiving and Christmas is jammed packed with social gatherings, family obligations, school concerts, and general festivities.  Time flies, and before you know it, you’re frantically trying to plan a party for your work team.

But we’re here to tell you that it doesn’t have to be that way!  Planning a holiday party at The Candle Lab is easy and fun, and the best part is, you won’t feel the need to give your guests a gift, because the candle they’ll make is their gift!  Win-win. If you haven’t been to The Candle Lab before, we encourage you to first check out our Plan a Party page to learn about how it works. 

Our candles take about 90 minutes to set and cool, so we’ve put together some fun ideas for how to spend that time.  Whether you’re planning a party for a small team at work, the entire office, or your crazy extended family, these parties are sure to put even the biggest grinch in a spirited mood!  

    • Candle-pouring is the ideal work outing!  Your team will bond over smelling crazy scents like Bacon and Wasabi, and everyone will enjoy seeing what custom scent Betty from accounting creates.  While the candles cool, head to lunch or happy hour. Bonus, they’ll love having the chance to pick up some gifts for family and friends while they’re in the store.  
    • Hosting family for the Holidays?  Get them out of the house by taking them to pour candles - fun for kids ages 1 to 92!  While the candles cool, challenge everyone to buy the best $5 “white elephant” gift they can find by visiting local shops, then do a gift exchange later at home.  You can even exchange your candles for a fun twist!
    • Tasked with planning a large corporate event?  We can host parties of any size!  You can select a jar in advance to ensure your event stays within budget, and can choose whether or not to treat everyone to a cocktail while pouring candles.  We’ll connect you with local restaurants that can accomodate large parties for lunch or dinner while the candles cool. And the best part? We’ll deliver all of your candles to the restaurant, just like Santa!
    • You and your friends all have busy social lives, and it only gets crazier during the Holidays!  Put a ladies’ night out, holiday-style, on the calendar now.  Each person can take advantage of our buy three, get one free deal, and pour a custom-scented candle for all the tough-to-buy-for people on their list (hello, mother-in-law!).  While the candles cool, catch up over dinner or cocktails.
Ready to book your party? Fill out the brief form here and we'll be in touch to confirm your reservation.  

We look forward to celebrating the season with you!  
October 07, 2019 — Bench Bookkeeping


Kathy Harrington

Kathy Harrington said:

I am looking for a fun place for a group of ladies. We are ages 60 to 70 and like to have new ideas each month for a get-together. The date I am looking for to reserve would be Tuesday, January 21st, 2020. I wondered how late you are open and can I bring in some catered food?? Thank you, in advance, Kathy

Kelly Stahl

Kelly Stahl said:

I want to plan a Holiday party for my group. There is only 12 and we usually plan this after the Holiday rush. If you could send me pricing I would appreciate.

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