When Dani Sage opened her nail salon under the Salon Lofts banner in early 2017, she had no idea it would be the start of something much bigger.  As a new small business owner, Dani realized how important it was for her to invest in self-care, and how many of the women she interacted with seemed to put themselves last.  She wanted to encourage herself and others to to “live with intention”, and for her, that meant creating a new personal brand: The Good Vibes Hive. With a vision of “manifesting your best life through love, light, and a little hard work”, The Good Vibes Hive is not just talk - it’s scent-inspired action, too!   

So what exactly is “scent-inspired action”?  For Dani, it’s believing that smell is a powerful tool, one that can evoke strong feelings and help us set the intentions for our day.  Just like going for a morning run and eating a bowl of oatmeal can get us in the right mindset for a productive day, so can smelling a particular scent.  Dani knew she wanted to capture these intentions in candle form, and after an extensive search for the perfect scents, decided to partner with The Candle Lab to develop her own.  Through multiple back-and-forth iterations, four distinct custom-scent blends were created - Abundance, Love, Motivation, and Peace - each designed to inspire that particular action.  

For Dani, part of the value of the Good Vibes Hive is being able to offer her clients “something completely unique” to her brand that they “can’t get anywhere else”. Abundance, Love, Motivation, and Peace certainly fit that bill!  Dani loves seeing her clients make a personal connection with her brand and be inspired into action in their own lives.  One client, for example, burns "Love" in her photography studio to make shoots more "sexy", while another mails her college-aged son “Motivation” to push him through marathon study-sessions.  But don’t be fooled - the candles are as much for Dani as her clients! She always makes sure to have at least one candle in every part of her life: “Peace in my bathtub, Love in my bedroom, Motivation in my office, and Abundance at my salon.”  

To learn more about Dani and how The Good Vibes Hive can help you start living your most authentic life, visit https://www.goodvibeshive.com/.  Or simply book one of her amazing manicures (self-care!) and pick up a candle at the salon to get scent-inspired!   

Interested in learning more about creating a signature scent for your brand or business?  Watch this video and fill out the form to be connected with our Wholesale department.  Scenting your business is easy and affordable!

July 30, 2018 — Bench Bookkeeping

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