We've added three new fragrances to our extensive collection:  Almond, Juniper, and Rhubarb. These fragrances are a direct result of customer and partner input, and we think they make great additions to our lineup!  You can purchase these and all of our scents in candle, reed diffuser, fragrance oil, room spray, body mist, and wax tart form on our website or in-store. For those of you who live near a store, we recommend creating your own custom scent using Almond, Juniper, and/or Rhubarb - don’t be afraid to get creative!  

Keep on reading for a little Scentelligence about our three new fragrances:

We know we don’t need to tell you what an almond is - we’re guessing you might even have some in your pantry right now!  This classic nut had its fifteen minutes of fame a few years ago when then President Obama joked about eating exactly seven lightly-salted almonds each night (the news media thought he was serious).  As a fragrance, Almond is sweet and nutty, similar to Almond liqueur. Try blending it with other food scents such as Baked Bread and Vanilla Bean for a Biscotti like-scent, or play mixologist and try it with Bourbon and and splash of Orange Zest.  

Speaking of mixology - did you know that Juniper berries are the primary flavoring in gin?  The Juniper tree is an evergreen, with needle-like leaves and cones that resemble dark berries.  The berries are fermented and distilled to create gin, which gets its name for the Dutch word for Juniper.  The scent of Juniper is reminiscent of a gin spirit, with minty pine notes, but minus the sharp alcohol smell.  It’s perfect for blending with other fresh, herby, outdoorsy scents like Balsam Fir, Mint Leaf, or Bonsai (just to name a few).  Or play up the wintery, holiday-like notes by blending Juniper with Cranberry and Clove or Pizzelle. Cheers!

While traditionally more of a summer fruit, we couldn’t resist adding Rhubarb to our collection now!  Some of you reading this might be thinking, “what the heck is Rhubarb?”, while others of you are immediately transported to your grandmother’s signature Rhubarb pie.  While Rhubarb is put to the same culinary uses as fruits, it is actually a vegetable that resembles a red celery stalk. It’s bright, juicy, tart yet sweet, and blends great with other fruits or bakery scents.  Try creating your own “Rhubarb Pie” by blending Rhubarb with Baked Bread and Brown Sugar.

Let us know - which fragrance are you most excited to smell?

October 04, 2018 — Bench Bookkeeping

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