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Scentelligence: Awapuhi

Posted on February 01 2018

If you took a poll and asked our team of Scent Stylists what their favorite scent is, at least a quarter would say “Awapuhi!” with enthusiasm.  With over 120 fragrances in our collection, having just two people agree on a favorite is a big deal, let alone multiple.  So what makes Awapuhi so popular?  

Let's start by defining it.  Awapuhi is an edible, medicinal ginger plant that grows around the waterfalls and pools in Hawaii.   The plant produces large red bulbs containing a clear gel-like substance. This gel is a natural softener and shine enhancer for your hair and skin, making it a popular cosmetics ingredient.

So what does it smell like?  Slightly floral, fresh, and very tropical, Awapuhi simply smells exotic.  The same characteristics that make it a popular shampoo base also make it an ideal fragrance for your home and body.  While beautiful on its own, try blending it with with Sea Breeze and Coconut to be transported to a Hawaiian vacation!  

Stop in to any of our stores to purchase Awapuhi candles or make your own custom-scented product featuring Awapuhi.  Don’t live near a store? You can purchase Awapuhi on our website to deliver the beauty of Hawaii to your doorstep. Aloha!       

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