Everyone know what a cherry is - that cute, round, red fruit that grows on trees and has an equally adorable little stem.  Perhaps you might associate them with syrupy sweetness on top of a cloud of whipped cream donning a hot fudge sundae (no?  Just us?).  But what, exactly, is a black cherry?

You may be surprised to know that the cherries we commonly see in grocery stores around the United States are actually black cherries.  Cherries fall into two main groups - tart and sweet.  The most common varietal of sweet cherries are Bing cherries, which are dark red in color - almost black - and therefore referred to as “black” cherries.  Sweet cherries are best enjoyed fresh, while the more tart variety are better suited for juicing, baking, and drying.  

It should come as no surprise, then, that our Black Cherry scent is on the sweeter side!  One smell of it, and you’ll think you’re eating a fresh sweet cherry in the middle of July.  Its juiciness makes it ideal for blending with other bright fruit scents like Pomegranate and Blackberry.  Or channel your grandmother’s famous cherry pie a la mode by pairing Black Cherry with Baked Bread and Vanilla Bean!  We’re getting hungry just thinking about it…

Purchase Black Cherry scented products online, or visit one of our six stores today and experiment with scent!  

March 01, 2018 — Bench Bookkeeping

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