Nothing warms you up as well as a glass of Brandy at the end of a long day, and our new Brandy fragrance is no different! 

Brandy is a spirit produced by distilling wine and aging it in wooden casks, which gives it its distinctive caramel coloring.  It's often associated with the holidays, and is a common culinary ingredient in English Christmas dishes like cakes and puddings.  It smells much like it tastes - warm and spicy, yet smooth, without any of the sharp alcohol notes. 

Try blending Brandy with other fall and wintery scents such as Clove, Chai Tea, Honeycrisp, Gingerbread, and Mulled Cider, just to name a few!  A Gingerbread muffin with an apple Brandy glaze sounds pretty great to us!      

Brandy can be purchased in candle, fragrance oil, reed diffuser, room spray, and wax tart form on our website.  We recommended lighting your candle and pouring yourself a glass of the good stuff after dinner!  

December 05, 2018 — Bench Bookkeeping

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