Ah, the smell of relaxing Lotus. Thanks to the direct requests of our customers, Lotus is the latest fragrance added to our extensive collection!  One smell of it and you'll be transported to a place of calm and relaxation.  Namaste.  

The Lotus flower is sacred to many cultures and often symbolizes beauty and purity.  It smells clean, soft, and subtly floral. 

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And while Lotus is wonderful as a single scent, it also lends itself beautifully to blending with other fragrances to create a custom scent.  Try blending it with other clean, relaxing fragrances like Absinthe, Rain, or Eucalyptus.  For a more complex vibe, try blending with Patchouli or Incense, or make it more earthy with Bonsai.  

Lotus can be purchased in candle, fragrance oil, reed diffuser, room spray, and wax tart form on our website or in stores.  Welcome, spring! 

June 05, 2019 — Bench Bookkeeping

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