One of the questions we often get asked in our stores is “what is the difference between your Mug & Brush and Straight Razor fragrances?”  And really, it’s a good question!  One that is certainly worth devoting to a Scentellignece blog post.

The short answer is: they aren’t that different!  When we develop new fragrances for our lineup, we always start with a vision.  We wanted to create a very masculine scent that captured the smell of an old-time barber shop: aftershave and musk, with a hint of leather and warm woods.  Whenever we are in the research & development phase for new scents, we create several iterations and adjust until we find the perfect scent. One of those versions was light and clean, and another was more deep and warm.  We loved both so much that we decided to introduce them both as two distinct fragrances!

Straight Razor is that freshly shaven, clean version, while Mug & Brush encompasses a bit more of the woodsy musk notes.  But both fragrances capture the essence of the barber shops our grandfathers once frequented. Which one will your nose prefer?  Visit one of our stores or order online to find out!

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And if you’re near a store, Mug & Brush and Straight Razor are great additions to a custom scent blend.  Try mixing them with a woodsy scent like Teakwood, Cedar, or Mahogany, or play up the fresh notes by mixing with citrus or floral scents.  They really are quite versatile!

May 04, 2018 — Bench Bookkeeping


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