Papaya!  Even the word itself is fun to say.  Slightly exotic, it sounds like a party you want to be at.  And we’ve brought the party to our shelves with our newest scent.

The papaya plant is native to Mexico and northern South America, although it is now harvested in many southern climates.  Unripe papaya is known as “green” papaya, and is commonly used in Indian dishes such as curry.  Ripe papaya is typically enjoyed fresh, sliced in salads or simply by itself.  The fruit is soft, sweet, bright, and juicy.

One smell of our Papaya scent and you’ll be transported to the tropics!  Blend it with Coconut and Sea Breeze for a true vacation getaway.  You’ll thank us later.  

March 01, 2018 — Bench Bookkeeping

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