When most people think of candles and fragrance, they think of scents like Vanilla Bean and Lavender.  While we enjoy more familiar scents too, we like to mix it up now and again.  And what’s more unusual that our newest fragrance, Sea Kelp?!   

OK, so if your first reaction is “why do I want my candle to smell like kelp?”, you aren’t alone.  After all, kelp is just a fancy word for seaweed, which we try to keep our feet from touching on the sand when we’re on vacation.  But trust us here - we’re really on to something!  If you’ve ever had sushi, you may recall that kelp is actually a common part of Japanese cuisine, and for good reason.  Both salty and savory, it is used to flavor soups, wrap rice, and even eaten dried as a snack.  As a fragrance, it smells very clean, earthy, and slightly sweet, making it an ideal scent for spring.

You can purchase Sea Kelp in candle, wax tart, room spray, and reed diffuser form online.  Or visit a store to blend your own custom scent using Sea Kelp!  

March 02, 2018 — Bench Bookkeeping

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