Whether you are serving a big feast, opening up your spare bedroom to your in-laws, or simply enjoying a roaring fire and a good book, the holiday season is all about creating a welcoming and cozy home.  Below are some of our favorite tips for scenting various rooms in your house. Hint: it's more than candles! 

“It smells amazing in here!”  There are few things more pleasurable than entering a warm home on a freezing day and inhaling the smells of the holidays.  But the entryway can be a crowded space, especially when filled with puffy coats and winter boots. If you’re tight on space, a slim reed diffuser on the table next to your keys and mail is just the answer.  You won’t risk a flame interfering with the chaos of the space, and the soft diffusing of the reeds won’t overwhelming the space. Try a strong holiday scent like Christmas Ale or Candy Cane, or make your guests think you are baking by creating a blend of Baked Bread, Cinnamon Spice, and Vanilla Bean.  Yum!  Shop fragrances here.  

Living Room
The living room is the place to gather (that is, when everyone isn’t sneaking bites of dinner in the kitchen).  Whether reading a good book or playing a rousing game of Monopoly, the living room is all about warmth and coziness.  If you already have a wood-burning fire and a real tree in yours, then you won’t need much to make it smell great. A candle or two in complementary scents such as Christmas Tree, Santa’s Pipe, or Mahogany will make the room feel spirited.  Have a gas fireplace and a fake tree? You can still conjure all the smells of the holidays! Try burning custom-scented wax tarts in a tart warmer or diffusing fragrance oil in a steam diffuser for a stronger scent that will make everyone a believer! 

Guest Bedroom
Want to make your guests feel like they just checked into a five-star hotel?  A few spritz of a room spray will elevate your spare bedroom into a calm oasis from the hustle and bustle downstairs.  We recommend a blend of spa-like scents such as Eucalyptus, Lavender, Grapefruit, and Green Tea. Or go for a more rustic yet still light feel with Bamboo, Bonsai, and Cedar.  Leave the bottle on the dresser so your guests can spray more as they wish throughout their stay.

Guest Bathroom
Nothing says “we prepared for your visit!” like a stack of fresh white towels and a sparkling clean bathroom.  But often the guest bathroom isn’t utilized throughout the day, so leaving a candle burning can pose a hazard. Instead, opt for a reed diffuser to slowly release scent without using a frame.  The sleek design will add a slightly sophisticated touch. Simply place it on the sink or a shelf to add a soft scent to a smaller space without overpowering the room. You could stick with cleaner scents like Clothesline or Absinthe, or bring the festive feel of the holidays with a blend of Pine Needles and Cranberry.  For a burst of fragrance, simply flip the reeds.

Tell us - what's your favorite way to scent your home for the holidays?  


November 20, 2018 — Bench Bookkeeping

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