Super Secret Behind-The-Scenes Custom Candle Testing Club

Posted on January 17 2017

Something awesome is coming, and we are excited to have you contribute. We are offering you an invite to our Super Secret Behind-The-Scenes Custom Candle Testing Club. Yes, that's the name of the club until one of you suggests a better name.  Please let us know if you have a better name.

Some quick background - We are very proud of our in-store customer experience.  When you walk in the door, we greet you and walk you through a fun and unique process that ends with you having a custom-scented product that is uniquely matched to your nose.  For years, our customers have asked to be able to do that same process online and we’ve been scrambling to figure out a way to do that effectively.

We are preparing to launch our new website and we need testers to help us understand the best way to move that in-store process online.  We are going to ask you to participate in several rounds of testing to see if you think we’re on the right track with the new site and you’ll get a free candle or other scented product for each round. 

Here is how to qualify for free products:

1.  Place an order on our website within seven days - we're only keeping it open for a week so we can keep the design process moving forward.  (Remember - shipping is free for orders over $40!)

2.  After you've placed your order, you will receive a confirmation email with a link to our prototype website that will allow you to blend your own candle. The faster you are able to complete your personalized candle, the faster your order will ship. It's only a few clicks, we promise!

3.  When you receive your order, check out your custom candle and see how we did.  We’ll send you a survey one week after your order arrives with a couple questions.  When you complete the survey, you’ll be given access to the next round of testing and more free products.  *Please note your initial impressions of the custom candle when it arrives, because that’s what the survey will cover.  Did the candle smell like you thought it would right out of the box?  Did it smell like you wanted when you burn it the first time?  

* please not this is not valid on Gift Card purchases* 


We’ll have some more exciting promotions and benefits for this group as we move forward.  Whatever success we have had in the past 10 years of redefining home fragrance has come from listening to our customers, so we’re grateful for your time and effort to participate in this project.  

Have fun mixing your custom candle, enjoy your candles when they arrive, and we’ll chat again soon!

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