Cycle614: Scent meets Studio

When opening their first retail location, most business owners obsess over the details of what their store will look like and feel like.  Where should the register go? How should we design our window displays? What color should we paint the walls? What music should we play?  But very few give any thought to what their space will
smell like.  

That’s what makes Demi Tsapatsaris and Mark Placenti so unique.  When Demi and Mark opened the their fitness studio, Cycle614, in 2014, it was the first fitness studio in Columbus dedicated entirely to indoor cycling.  Like all entrepreneurs, they had a vision for what they wanted their cycling studio to look like and how they wanted their customers to feel after they took her 45-minute class (rejuvenated).  But Demi and Mark also knew exactly what they wanted it to smell like - and it wasn't sweat!  Explains Demi, “I wanted Cycle614 to have its own signature scent, providing our customers with full experience from the moment they walk in until the moment they leave, and perhaps even beyond”.   

One step into the Cycle614 studio, and it’s clear that Demi and Mark's scent vision has been realized.  With upwards of ten candles burning at all times, the space is filled with a calming, spa-like, clean scent that actually does makes you feel rejuvenated!  Cycle614 worked with The Candle Lab to develop its signature scent, and chose a simple, understated jar bearing their logo to match its mid-century modern, chic style.  The candles are burning in all areas of the studio - from the registration desk to the lobby to the restrooms - and fill the space without overwhelming it. The scent is even infused in the cold, calming towels that are handed out to each rider after class.  

Customers love the candles so much that Demi and Mark began selling them in their studio.  They hope that enjoying the candles at home makes their customers feel calm and relaxed, and also reminds them that it’s time to hop on the bike!  So next time you’re looking for a workout that will kick your butt and leave you feeling rejuvenated and ready to take on the world, book a bike at Cycle614.  We promise - it will smell great!

Interested in learning more about creating a signature scent for your brand or business?  Watch this video and fill out the form to be connected with our Wholesale department.  Scenting your business is easy and affordable!


August 08, 2018 — Bench Bookkeeping

Inspiring Action through Scent

When Dani Sage opened her nail salon under the Salon Lofts banner in early 2017, she had no idea it would be the start of something much bigger.  As a new small business owner, Dani realized how important it was for her to invest in self-care, and how many of the women she interacted with seemed to put themselves last.  She wanted to encourage herself and others to to “live with intention”, and for her, that meant creating a new personal brand: The Good Vibes Hive. With a vision of “manifesting your best life through love, light, and a little hard work”, The Good Vibes Hive is not just talk - it’s scent-inspired action, too!   

So what exactly is “scent-inspired action”?  For Dani, it’s believing that smell is a powerful tool, one that can evoke strong feelings and help us set the intentions for our day.  Just like going for a morning run and eating a bowl of oatmeal can get us in the right mindset for a productive day, so can smelling a particular scent.  Dani knew she wanted to capture these intentions in candle form, and after an extensive search for the perfect scents, decided to partner with The Candle Lab to develop her own.  Through multiple back-and-forth iterations, four distinct custom-scent blends were created - Abundance, Love, Motivation, and Peace - each designed to inspire that particular action.  

For Dani, part of the value of the Good Vibes Hive is being able to offer her clients “something completely unique” to her brand that they “can’t get anywhere else”. Abundance, Love, Motivation, and Peace certainly fit that bill!  Dani loves seeing her clients make a personal connection with her brand and be inspired into action in their own lives.  One client, for example, burns "Love" in her photography studio to make shoots more "sexy", while another mails her college-aged son “Motivation” to push him through marathon study-sessions.  But don’t be fooled - the candles are as much for Dani as her clients! She always makes sure to have at least one candle in every part of her life: “Peace in my bathtub, Love in my bedroom, Motivation in my office, and Abundance at my salon.”  

To learn more about Dani and how The Good Vibes Hive can help you start living your most authentic life, visit  Or simply book one of her amazing manicures (self-care!) and pick up a candle at the salon to get scent-inspired!   

Interested in learning more about creating a signature scent for your brand or business?  Watch this video and fill out the form to be connected with our Wholesale department.  Scenting your business is easy and affordable!

July 30, 2018 — Bench Bookkeeping

Hotel LeVeque Smells "Exactly Like Nothing Else"

Ask any guest who has stayed at Hotel LeVeque in downtown Columbus, OH, and they will tell you that the hotel is unlike any hotel they’ve ever stayed in.  With a vision of being “Exactly Like Nothing Else”, that uniqueness is no accident. Rated one of the top six hotel designs in the USHotel LeVeque has made it its mission to stand out.  And stand out it does!  Nestled in the historic LeVeque Tower that was once counted among the world’s tallest buildings, one step through its doors and you’ll see - and smell - why its guests love it so.  

In creating the space, Hotel LeVeque understood that it’s not just about colors and textures; smell is also an important and often overlooked element of interior design.  They wanted to create a “home away from home” atmosphere that would linger with their guests long past their time at the hotel, and candles were just the answer. But it couldn’t be just any candle - it had to be one that met their standard of being “Exactly Like Nothing Else”.  Explains Michael Shannon, Director of Sales & Marketing, on why Hotel LeVeque chose to partner with The Candle Lab, “they offer an experience and a product that is similar to ours - unique and unlike anything else.”

Hotel LeVeque worked closely with The Candle Lab to create its signature scent - a blend of Lavender and Bergamot fragrances that is spa-like, fresh, calming, and gender neutral.  A sleek, black jar with the Hotel LeVeque logo matches the art-deco-meets-contemporary style of the hotel, paying homage to the black and gold-trimmed guest room doors. The hotel burns its signature candle in the lobby to welcome guests, gifts the candles to its VIP clients, and in some cases, even sells them.  

But it doesn't stop there!  Their signature scent was so popular with guests that they decided to incorporate it into the guest room toiletries as well.  Cliff Original, the maker of the Hotel LeVeque Collection, worked closely with both Hotel LeVeque and The Candle Lab to match the signature Lavender and Bergamot scent.  Says Shannon, "our hope is that guests enjoy a candle or some shampoo once they are back home, and that the smell reminds them of us and their stay."  

So next time you need a place to stay the night in Columbus or simply enjoy a cocktail, make Hotel LeVeque your first choice!  One thing is for certain: it will smell Exactly Like Nothing Else.

Interested in learning more about creating a signature scent for your brand or business?  Watch this video and fill out the form to be connected with our Wholesale department.  Scenting your business is easy and affordable!  

July 26, 2018 — Bench Bookkeeping