It’s beginning to smell a lot like...the holidays!  

Starting Friday, November 1, all of our stores will feature candles in 11 limited-time holiday fragrances, filling our shelves with joy and merriment!  Each of the fragrances below has been carefully curated to capture the scents of the season:

Candy Cane is bursting with cool and fresh peppermint, just like the first lick of a red-and-white striped cane accompanying your Hot Cocoa.

Our take on the festive holiday beer, Christmas Ale has notes of cinnamon and honey, sweet red fruits, and orange peel.  Cheers!

All the fresh, outdoor pine smell of a real Christmas Tree, minus the mess.  Fake tree, lovers, rejoice!

A delightful combination of peppermint Balsam Fir and with a hint of JasmineFirst Snow perfectly captures the cool, crisp air after snow has blanketed ground.  PS - it’s our founder Steve’s favorite holiday scent!

Frankincense is a musky, warm, and slightly sweet resin obtained from very rare trees, highly valued for its therapeutic properties and biblical significance.  

Just like the baked houses and men of your childhood, Gingerbread smells warm, spicy, and the slightly bit sweet - a holiday season classic.  

Evergreen and fresh pine, Mistletoe smells so good, it might just make you want to kiss someone! 

Similiar to its friend Frankincense, Myrrh is a resin derived from rare trees and smells strong and woodsy with slight notes of anise.  

A blend of minty fresh Candy Cane and milk chocolate, Peppermint Bark smells exactly like the holiday treat tastes.

Santa’s Pipe is everything you love about our Dad’s Den classic pipe tobacco smell, enhanced with the added sweetness of cherry and vanilla.

With notes of Balsam FirPine NeedlesCedar, and EucalyptusWhite Christmas will have you dreaming of a cold, snowy, relaxing day.  

Stop in to any of our seven stores to pour your own custom-scented candle using any of the above holiday or fall fragrances!  Or perhaps craft a room spray to bring a little of the holidays with you wherever your travels may take you this season. And if you’re not near a store, the good news is, it’s always Christmas in July (or any month) on our website, where all of our 140+ fragrances are available for purchase year-round.      

Tell us - what does the holiday season smell like to you?  

October 28, 2019 — Bench Bookkeeping

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