Tips and Tricks for Reusing/Recyling Your Candle

Posted on January 19 2017

Ever wonder what to do when your candle is down to it's last couple hours? Below are some tips and tricks from our staff to reuse or recycle your candle!

1. "Our soy wax is soft enough that with just a tablespoon and a paper towel, you can clean out your jar almost completely and reuse for practically anything! A pen holder, make-up brush storage, or Q-Tips." -Lindsay Smith, Director of Operations


2. "Once I get down to the wick, I can pop the wick out with a spoon and reuse the glass for my kitchen and cooking spices! Himalayan, garlic salts, and pepper are stored easily in our 8 oz. jars." - Mikie McGill, Director of HR

3. "Our new 11 ounce jars are perfect for glass wear. I stick my candle in the freezer once it's empty and scoop out the remaining wax. With a little dish soap and a cycle in the dishwasher, I reuse them for wine and bourbon." - Jen Lyttle, Director of Marketing

4."If you're located near one of our stores, returning any of your old candles is a way to save on your next purchase! We can reuse your glass and you'll only be charged by the ounce, or you'll receive $1 off your brand new candle." - Denise Smith, District Manager of Store Operations 


We'd love to hear how you repurpose your old candles! Tweet us @thecandlelab with the hashtage #ExperimentWithScent for a chance to be featured. 

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