What Does Santa Smell Like?

Posted on December 10 2018

It's beginning to smell a lot like Christmas....especially at the Polaris mall in Columbus, Ohio!  

Visiting Santa at the mall has long been a holiday tradition.  The mall is decked out to the nines with festive flair, Christmas music is playing in every store, and lots of children are lined up waiting to ask Santa for their favorite toy.  And this year, Polaris Fashion Place went all out with their Santaville - a winter wonderland decked out with a gallery of rooms to discover color, smells, clues, and hidden gnomes! The experience is exciting with delightful surprises leading up to the moment you meet Santa Claus.

Santaville not only looks great, but it smells great, too.  Everywhere you turn, a new smell wafts in the air, inviting you to explore further.  With scents of warm baked goods, a fresh pine forest, Santa's roasted chestnuts on an open fire, and even the leather of his boots, even the most grouchy Grinch will feel the Christmas spirit.  

You can visit Santaville at the Polaris Fashion Place from 10AM - 9PM all month long.  Happy Holidays!  


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