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This is a collection of our nine top-selling fragrance oils.  This assortment will let you pick your favorite scent, or stock up on a couple for some variety.  Here are the simple instructions to turn your home from "quarantine-stinky" into "whole-home fresh and clean" in just a few drops!

1.  Pull out your furnace filter and sprinkle 3 to 5 drops of fragrance oil or essential oils on the filter.

2.  Slide the filter back in and you'll smell the difference within 5 minutes!

If you're feeling fancy, you can combine two different scents by putting two drops each of your two favorite oils.  If you want to get REALLY advanced, pick an invigorating scent (like citrus or cedar) in the morning, then add a drop or two of lavender at the end of the day to relax you in the evening!