Dollars & Scents: Traditional Fundraisers


If the Girl Scouts sold candles instead of cookies, this would be their fundraiser!  With our Dollars & Scents traditional fundraisers, your group will take orders for candles, we'll pour them, and you'll distribute.  Easy as that!  

You'll be provided with an order form for candles in 12 of our best-selling fragrances.  The candles are 8 ounces in a clear, straight-sided jar with a black twist lid, labeled with The Candle Lab logo.  Purchase the candles form us for $11 each and sell them for $17 each, with the $6 profit going towards your organization!  There is no minimum order quantity, but if you reach the goal of selling 100 candles (ex. 10 kids, 10 candles each) you'll be rewarded with an extra $1 per candle (you'll purchase them for only $10 vs. $11).  For those of you doing the math, that's $700 towards your organization (100 candles at $7 profit each)!  

Your candles will be poured and ready for pick-up within a week of receiving your order and payment.  

To sign-up for a Dollars & Scents traditional fundraiser, please email  Happy selling!