How long does it take to pour a candle? Plan on spending 30-45 minutes in the store from start to finish. The candle will then need about 90 minutes to set up before you can take it home. So, you can explore the neighborhood while it sets up or come back and grab it another day.

Do I need a reservation? If you are bringing 4 or more people, we would appreciate a heads-up so we can add you to the calendar and staff accordingly. Otherwise, we are set up to pour all the time and you can come in whenever you want as an individual or a group. If you are coming in without a reservation, you will want to arrive at the store no later than 6:30 pm (or 90 minutes before closing time) to ensure there is time to pour your candles and pick them up the same day.

Is there a minimum/maximum number of people you require? No - we have done groups from 2 people up to 110 people. We will find a way to accomodate your group.

Do you sell candle supplies?  We do not currently sell candle supplies.