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Frequently Asked Questions

If you've got a question, we've got an answer!  Don't see the answer you're looking for?  Feel free to email  

Pouring candles

How late are you open?  When can I come in to pour a candle?
All of our stores are open 11 AM - 8 PM Monday - Saturday and 12-5 PM on Sunday.  If you want to pour a candle and pick it up that same day, please plan to visit the store no more than approximately two hours before close (6 PM Mon-Sat, 3 PM Sun) as candles take ~90 minutes to cool before they are ready to take home.  
If you don't mind picking up your candle another day, then you are more than welcome to stop in anytime before close to pour. There is no rush to pick up your finished candle - we hold onto them for a long time!

How long does it take to pour a candle?  
The entire process of smelling, selecting your jar and fragrances, designing your label, and creating your custom-scented product takes about 30 minutes.  Candles then take 90 minutes to cool before they are ready to take home. This is a great time to visit one of our neighbors for a bite to eat or a drink or do a little walking around the neighborhood for some shopping.  All of our stores are located in walkable neighborhoods bursting with local charm, just waiting to be explored! Visit our store pages for specific location, parking, and dining suggestions.  

Do I need to make a reservation?
Reservations are not required for groups under five - simply stop in any time to start your fragrance journey.  We are open 11 AM - 8 PM Monday - Saturday and 12 - 5 PM on Sunday. For groups of five or more, please visit our Plan a Party page for more information!  

How much does it cost to pour a candle?
Pricing is dependent on the size and style of jar that you pour into (check out our collection here), with many options under $20  We also offer a variety of other home and body products that are customizable, if you are interested in scenting something other than a candle!

Can I bring in my own jar / container to pour into?
While we know you might have a cute container you'd like to pour into, we aren't able pour into jars brought into our stores from outside.  The good news is, we offer a wide variety of jars in different sizes and styles, so you're sure to find one that speaks to your unique style.  Our jars go through an extensive testing process to ensure they are safe for burning in your home before they are placed on our shelves.  Your safety is our number one priority, and we simply can't ensure that your candle will perform safely if poured into a jar that has not been vetted.  (But we're sure your container is cute!  We recommend repurposing in your bathroom or kitchen).  

Do you recycle used jars?  
We aren't able to pour into any previously used jars (even ours) due to potential cracks after the candle has burned, but we will happily recycle them!  Bring your jar back to the store and we’ll give you a $1 credit towards your purchase - no limit.  Don’t worry about the jars being in mint condition - we’ve got the tools to recycle them properly.  Even if the jar wasn't ours, we'll happily recycle it for you.  


Parties and Events

How do I book a party?
We require reservations for groups of five or more.  To make a reservation, visit our plan a party page and complete the brief form, or call the store of your choice

    What is the minimum / maximum size for a party?
    No group is too large or small!  We’ll work with you to ensure your event runs smoothly no matter the size.  

    Do you host private parties?  
    We do not host private parties, as we keep our doors open to the public at all times. Note that you do NOT need to book a private party to host a party!  We host large groups in our stores all the time and they can feel very "private", even if the store is open to the public. 

    Can I bring in outside food and drink?

    The answer depends on which store you are visiting!  Please see below:

    GrandviewShort North, & Worthington (Columbus), Anderson Township & OTR (Cincinnati): 
    We are unable to accommodate outside food or drink in these stores. We encourage you to explore the neighborhood for a bite to eat or drink while your candles cool! 

    Lawrenceville (Pittsburgh):
    This store is BYOB, meaning you can bring your own alcohol but not food.  There is no corkage fee, so you can enjoy a glass of wine or beer from home while you are pouring your candles!  This store does not allow food, so we encourage you to explore the neighborhood for a bite to eat or drink while your candles cool.    

    Do you make candles for weddings or other events?
    We sure do, and would love to be a part of yours!  Visit our scent my wedding or event page to learn how you can enhance your wedding or event with scent. 


    Can I purchase a custom-scented product on your website?
    Thanks for your interest in our custom scented candles!  Unfortunately, we don't yet have the functionality to order custom scents  online yet, but we're working on it! We do have all 120+ of our scented candles, body lotions, etc. available on our website for purchase.

    In the meantime, you are welcome to call our Worthington, OH store at (614) 915-0777 x1 and our Scent Stylists can create your custom scented product for you and ship it to you.  They can provide you with pricing info over the phone based on the product you select and where it is being shipped.

    My order was above $40, but then I applied a discount.  Why was I charged for shipping?
    Thank you for your order!  Free shipping applies to orders over $40, and when your discount was entered it likely brought the total below $40, thereby charging you shipping. In the future, you could simply add a room spray ($13) to bring the order above $40 again - it would almost be free!


    Do you sell gift cards? 
    We sure do!  You can purchase a gift card online or at any of our stores.  For an extra special touch, you can purchase a “pour-your-own candle” card with an empty jar in stores, all packaged up pretty for your lucky recipient.  

    I am raising money for my organization.  Will you donate a candle / gift card / sponsorship?
    We do not typically donate candles or gift cards or provide sponsorships, but we would love to help support your cause with our unique fundraising programs.  Please visit our Dollars & Scents page to learn more about raising money for your group!  

    From what are your candles made?
    Our candles are made using natural soy wax, pure fragrance oils, and cotton paper wicks for a candle that is long lasting, clean burning, and true to scent.

    I have some empty candle jars from previous purchases. What can I do with them?
    Thanks for thinking of the environment!  Just bring your jars back to the store and we’ll give you $1 off your purchase - no limit!  Don’t worry about the jars being in mint condition - we’ve got the tools to reuse or recycle of them properly.  

    Are you able to match the scent of my favorite perfume / lotion / another candle?
    While we don't have scents that directly mimic popular perfumes or other products, we’re confident that we can find a similar scent or blend of scents that you will love!  If you live near one of our stores, our in-store team of Scent Stylists would be happy to help you create a custom scent that is similar to the scent of your favorite product.  If you aren’t able to visit a store, please send us an email at with the name of your product and we’ll see what we can do!  

    I purchased one of your candles but I’m not in love with it.  What can I do?
    We’re sorry to hear that you don’t love your candle!  We always want you to be happy, so please reach out to us at so we can find you a scent you’ll love.  

    My candle isn’t burning the way I think it should.  What can I do?
    We’re sorry to hear your candle isn’t performing the way you think it should, and know how disappointing and frustrating that can be.  We take a lot of pride in hand-pouring our candles in store and take many precautions to ensure they are of the highest quality each and every time.  Please reach out to us at or bring the candle back to the store you purchased it from so we can make it right!