We stock more than 120 fragrances throughout the year. We strive for scents that are clean, accurate and strong without being heavy or cloying. Our scents rotate by season and we're always bringing out new fragrances, so check back often to see what's coming next!


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Absinthe Christmas Ale Hyacinth Pistachio
Amber Musk Christmas Tree Hydrangea Pizzelle
Anjou Pear Cilantro Incense Pomegranate
Autumn Leaves Cinnamon Spice Jade Pumpkin Spice
Awapuhi Clothesline Jasmine Rain
Baby Powder Clove Key Lime Roasted Chestnut
Bacon Coconut Lavender Rose Petals
Baked Bread Coffee Bean Lavender Fields Rosemary
Balsam Fir Cologne Leather Sandalwood
Bamboo Cranberry Santa's Pipe
Basil Cucumber Lilac Sea Breeze
Basmati Rice Lily of the Valley Sea Foam
Bergamot Dad's Den Magnolia Straight Razor
Blackberry Dark Chocolate Mahogany Strawberry Jam
Black & Tan Earth Mango Sugar Cookie
Bonsai English Ivy Maple Syrup Summer Lawn
Bourbon Eucalyptus Mint Leaf Sunflower
Brown Sugar Fig Mistletoe Sweet Grass
Bubble Bath First Snow Morning Dew Sweet Violet
Bubble Gum Frankincense Mug & Brush Teakwood
Gardenia Mulled Cider Thyme
Burnt Sugar Georgia Peach Muscadine Tomato Leaf
Butterscotch Ginger Ale Nutmeg Tulip
Cake Batter Gingerbread Old Books Vanilla Bean
Candy Cane Goji Berry Olive Blossom Verbena
Campfire Grapefruit Orange Zest Wasabi
Cannabis Green Tea Patchouli Wassail
Caramel Hawaiian Lei Pecan Pie Watermelon
Cedar Hazelnut Peony Whipped Cream
Chai Tea Honeycrisp Peppercorn White Christmas
Champagne Honeysuckle Peppermint Bark Wild Currant
Chardonnay Hops Pine Needles Yuzu
Cherry Blossom Hot Cocoa Pineapple

Shop by Alphabetical List