Fundraising with The Candle Lab

There are many fundraising options for your school, club, or community organization, but its time to consider a new option that saves you time and hassle and earns you more money.

The Candle Lab is quickly becoming a leader in fundraising opportunities. We hand pour and sell gourmet soy candles in over 100 different fragrances in a wide variety of containers, so we have a range of choices to match your budget and your group’s needs. Our candles are made from the best, most natural ingredients we can find – premium fragrance oils, metal-free cotton paper wicks, and natural soy wax combine to make a candle that will burn cleaner, longer and more true-to-scent than any candle on the market right now.

We have three fundraising options, so you can pick the one that works best for your group:

Option #1 – Pick one of our stores and pick a day that works for your group, and 20% of sales that day will be donated back to your group. It’s easy for you, because all you have to do it promote it to your supporters. They get to buy candles and support you at the same time!

Option #2 – Do a traditional candle fundraiser, where you pick 12 fragrances and sell those candles for two or three weeks. You can use our labels, or we can design a custom label for your group. We supply the order forms, a set of samples, and all the supporting materials you need to be successful. Checks are made out to your group, and you sell the 8oz tin candles for $12, and buy them from us for only $7. Your group makes $5/candle and the money is already in your account. We will pour the candles and provide them only 7 days after you place your order.

Option #3 – Let us help you launch your own line of candles with your own custom label, so you can sell at your events or at your location. This can run year-round, and you get to make money on each candle and get the added benefit of promoting your organization.

We don’t do traditional advertising to promote The Candle Lab – our fundraisers help to spread the word about our candles to the community. That’s why what we offer can make you great profit margins on your candle fundraiser, and it’s why we work hard to make sure your group succeeds. Let us show you how easy and effective fundraising can be!